Radius Valve Actuators
Series A

Ball Valve Acutators

Radius provides actuators for ball valves, butterfly valves, and plug valves. They are able to direct mount most valves, eliminating the need for brackets and coupling hardware.

Radius plug, butterfly, and ball valve actuators come with hard anodized housings manufactured in Switzerland. The profile design is rippled for strength. The actuators can withstand a 1000-hour salt chamber test both internally and externally. Other manufacturers use a thin walled light duty housing to cut costs.

All mounting surfaces are machined to assure exact 90° correlation with each other. The teeth on the rack gear of the pistons are machined to match the teeth of the pinion to minimize hysteresis. Every piston of every ball, butterfly, and plug valve actuator is honed (producing a surface smoothness of 0.4Ra after anodizing) for perfect roundness further insuring high cycle life.

Our plug, ball, and butterfly valve actuators were originally designed with and still only come with double travel stops (patented: U.S. patent #5,842,404). This insistence on double travel stops is proof to the commitment of quality on behalf of Radius. It was never even a consideration to try to market an actuator without double travel stops. Most of our competitors only recently retrofitted their actuator with double travel stops.

The Radius actuator has maintained its original design, and it is still manufactured at the original site from the 1970s. The only change being an enlarged output shaft two years ago enabling it to direct mount to most butterfly valves.

Radius is the obvious choice for butterfly, plug, and ball valve actuators. Contact us to see what we can offer you for your application.
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