The Series A double acting and spring return pneumatic valve actuators from Radius offer uncompromising standards of safety, reliability and value. Nothing is overlooked in the manufacture of Radius actuators, making them the benchmark for rack and pinion actuators. The rugged Swiss made body extrusions and the hard anodized pistons have contributed to over thirty years of proven success. No other actuator company combines such standard features as double travel stops and internal/external corrosion protection at such a modest cost. The proof of quality lies in the stringent process environments that Radius pneumatic valve actuators have survived where so many others have failed. The Series A rack and pinion valve actuators are designed to operate "quarter-turn valves." The wide torque range capabilities ensure that Radius is more than suitable for plug, ball, butterfly valve and damper applications. Check the specifications. You'll find that dollar for dollar Radius offers one of the finest valve actuators in the industry.

Series A Pneumatic Actuator


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